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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  July 14, 2013 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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and gone through hard times. i am a believer. >> love their desktops and brand. but phones and tablets are putting them out of business. >> cope it right here. the business block continues th eric boling and cashin in. >> and the fight over illegal immigration heats up on capitol hill shawn is entering the ring on the best plan for america and gop push to dope six the health care law getting traction. yes. and something that the president did is the reason. walmart standing up a dc shakedown. this is cashin' in, it starts right now. hi, i am eric boling and welcome to cashin' in and we'll go explore the latest in washington, but first joining me
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now in the hot seat, my god friend, andost of hanitty on fox news show. we'll go with immigration and start with this first. gang of eight, right. >> eight senators say. >> bad deal. >> bad deal? are you surprised georgeush weighed in on that? >> he tried hard t get it done when he was president himself. what is frustrating to me is a conservative. i will be willing and open to fixing the problem right now it is the law of the land. 1986 and 2006 we say secower the boarder and we don't secower the border. i watched it in the reagan years. we would have spending cuts and tax increases. you get the amnesty and
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legalization and you never get the border secure. if government is at a high level of distrust now, why they department listen to conservatives in the beginning. >> john, the idea of marco rubio and others and ram paul and ted cruz, secower the border. >> i am with them. >> how? >> how, use technology and hire more agents. e- verify and make sure the people entered on a student visa that we track them and monitor them. and i would frankly build a double fence on the border and the problem and my greatest fear has nothing to do with demographics or electioned or politics. my greatest fear is that a lot of people hate this country and if you can get across the border if you want a job, what about the person that wants to do harm. >> i suggest privateizing the
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border and if they secower it let them cope it. >> protecting the country is a number one responsibility of government it is not putting 50 million people on food stamps and 11 million people on disability. that worked with one in six americans being in poverty. that hasn't worked outtoo well. >> what say we let them in and give them a pass to citizenship. >> they are here. >> obama care. they will end up with obama care? >> i don't know if obama care surves. >> the news of the woke, that the employer man date is going to be delayed a year and probably to do with the 201 election. >> yes, this is frustrating to me, and one of the reasons i registered as a conservative and not a republican which you can do in the state of new york, i
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nt the republicans to stand on their conservative principles. it was a moment back in 1975, when reagan spoke before c- pa c, and raised the rhetorical question. is it a ird party america needs or revitalized second pay. no pastels but bold differences. i would like to see the republicans distinguish themselves and offer solution, health care saving account minute you are born and die. and a check up every year and catastrophic health insurance and don't tap into it every time you stub your tow and go to the emergency room. you manage it andif you retire and don't get sick give that money to your family. got to add free market principles and this is about cashin' in. and people would manage their accounts much better and the free market allows for the best services and best prices. free market capitalism.
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>> let's talk about what is going on in egypt. mohammed morsi was escorted out by the military. >> coup. >> by definition if is a a coup obama has to cut off aid. >> mange hassan, work place violence yelling a lak bar and shooting people and killing 13. and injuries others. the president even with the health care he is circumventing the law. laws are written for a specific reason. one of the problems i have and one of the biggest problems i have, the president doesn't respect the rule of law. if the health care law doesn't allow for a delay for businesses, the president can't act unlaterally, he is to go back to congress and see if they will work with him. and same thing with the issue of
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egypt, putting tha aside, why did the united states under thi administration support a guy that is radically and referred to is lalys as descendants of pigs and why would we give him f- 16s and taxpayer money to begin with? he helped to push out mubark and hung in there with morsi which infur rated me. >> he was asked about the bill and half we send them. it is a coup. >> of course it is a coup. >> you have to stop sending aid. >> would that make the region too unstable for us? >> they are getting 5 billion from saudi arabia and throw billion from the united arab emirates it is not like a shortage of mone i think those countries recognize the geopolitical
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significance of egypt. this is a moment where the president could have fixed what he did wro by pushing out mubarak. we don't know where the money will e up or those jets o f- 16s and that is precarious. >> right. >> we keep doing this. we keep sending people stuff and money and jets and tanks. >> i hate to say this, we can be a dumb country. thats a dumb thing to do. this is approximate ashin' in and people's money. we have more oil and natural gas and all of this energy, more than the entire middle east combined and don't tap into it. >> where is your tie? . all right. this is a -- >> this is a question. >> this is 18th year now. i was here from day one, and don't like wearing ties. i wear jeans and sneakers every
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night on hanity. and you come in first thing. no tie, you get no tie. i hate wearing a tie. >> i got to tell you sean. first day we sat down and one thing we shock hands. tie or no tie. >> just for you. >> and you know where i get the toys from? trump? >> i wear the trump collection and nicest toys out there. >> we'll leave it there. thank you so muchment coming up our crew is here and ready to roll. walmart telling dc see ya. and city forcing them to hike the men mum wage to 12.50 an hour and walmart making a hike. some say it
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verdict as soon as it happens. we'll see you again at 1 o'clock p.m. eastern. >> forced to take a hike. walmart warns dc and now taking the stores elsewhere as the city city forced the retailer to up the minimum wage to 12.50. walmart just helped workers with this ve. what do you mean? >> the other businesses are going to see it as a disincentive. if we pass this law we'll lose jobs. and why? to have a business model that doesn't work. walmart is an example and this
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is a sack fieshl state where they are seeing. three stores going to be closed and reviewing financial implications to the others. >> word to the wise. two wise guys the remote. johnathon what do you think of the move? >> kimberly hit it on the head. minimum wage laws kill low skill jobs and violate the rights of the employers and employees. and wages are not arbitrarily they are based on productive value. government can force a minimum wage but can't guarantee that the jobs will be. walmart dc, is the best example. company forcedo pay 12 bucks when it is only worth eight the company will not produce. >> right, and wayne, three stores are already production started on throw storeand they may pull that and three stores planning on doing.
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deep-sixing at one. and surprise? >> no, you know, eric, the total of 1800 jobs at stake. that is not chopped liver. when you think about that, it is an arbitrary thing, the minimum wage. why raise it from 7.25 to 12.50 or why not make it 20 or $25. there is no reason for. this jobs are competitive like prizing is competitive sdp and in a fro market. and jobs are held for x- dollars. that determines what the value of the job is. and so i don't undnderstand why they picked this and why not pick any number. it is idiotic and there is no rationale for it. >> the job included in dc. >> one is dc is not the best test case for it. you can go to maryland.
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the problem for me. minimum wage laws which i support. this puts money back in the economy and you ha more money to spend. >> we'll do 101. >> where did the money come from? >> sploi and demand. >> it comes from where the employer had to pay that. the employer has to pay more for julie, we can't hire kim perly. >> wrong, wrong. >> walmart's profits are in the billions. >> here we g. johnathon, the is the liberal excuse. they make enough money. >> i didn't say that. >> it is a throw and half percent margin. and if you raise the wages, 50 percent you wipe it o. >> and of course, communities begging walmart to come for the jobs and prices and valuehey create.
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but what jowly is trauk talking about. she advocates violating the rights of the employer to offer a wageshe wants and the right of employee to accept the wage. and you rather have somebody not working for $6 an hour or n working at $25 than working at six or sen that a job to learn skills and get a head. >> how about the fact that the money would pen fit walmart when they reinvest. that's how it workings. >> just like nancy pelosi with every stimulus program. >> it is trickle down economics my frnd. >> go a head, wayne. we have a perfect accident in the automobile industry. wages got so crazy and wildly out of hand. you had to bail out general motors. who pays for that? your money gets to pay automobile worker in detroit. it is crazy and makes no sens
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not competitive. >> kimberly, wrap it up. >> figure it out. hire me and come to my state. i am willing to work. i would rather have a job than not have a job, that's the bottom loin. >> way to wrap it up nicely. >> coming up, are americans gunning to them and getting is good. illinois is the last state to approve concealed
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>> well, it is now official, illinois becoming the final state in the union to allow gun owners to offer concealed weapons. gun and a mmo, sales jumping six percent a year. estimated sales 11 and half billion and background checks almost doubling and membership for the nra jumping and kg any connection here? >> i am a big advocate of the right it carry your firearms and i like florida's law in particular because it works well there. the obama administration so manies to act like they are antigun. people are buying more guns in his administration, more than ever. nra membership up and people are concerned about protecting their rights. >> some are saying president obama is the best salesmen for
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guns. >> nra going around confiscate the guns and buy them now. andap assumption he will come for the guns and making sure it doesn't happen. nra needed a fall guy. bark bookkeeper obama is the fall guy. shame on them. >> president is been tough on gun laws hasn't he? >> indeed. the more the government tries to limit gun sales and curtail the second amendment, the more people have in buying guns but protecting the second amendment. i joined the nra for the exact reason. more you limit the ability to own awe gun more people want to buy them. it is the reason the rugger stock is up seven percent. you canhank obama for the rise in gun sales. >> and smith and wesson sales are soaring. wayne, i own a kimber.
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and you know i am a proud handgun and shot owner. the hardest thing to buy is ammunition. you can't get it. >> it is getting worse. it is a way for the federal government to take away individual liberties. they threaten you with something like that and in order to dend yourself, yeah, i will buy a gun. they will take that right away from me and i will get as many guns as i can. it drives up sales and stupid for the federal dpft to take that point of view. >> it is written in the constitution. the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed on. >> no one is taking them. background checks, you have a problem with that. things that will not take away the lights of legally abiding gun owners. what is wrong with that? >> i don't think we need new laws and regulations and restrictions that are not reasonable. they should enforce the laws on
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the books and the other thing wouldn't put a different outcome in the cases that we have sewn in newtown. >> it is a example of welt and marketplace. and even if those ls don't come about and more restrictions, the market is smart. they listen to the obama rhetoric. >> interesting enough nevada had a law at you could wear the gun on the hip. everybody had guns them and the rate of murders and the use of guns went down. >> how about welt destruction. the right to walk down the street and not worry about a crazy guy. >> it is not the gun that kills people. it is the crazy guy. >> it is allowing crazy guys to get guns without background
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checks. >> coming up. they are all grown up and ling at home. and new
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>> time for what i need to know next week. kimberly you are first. >> how long is he living at home. 61 percent of the parents that have adult children living at home say it is positive experience. things like attacking out the
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trash and i don't know if they make their beds. >> living there forever. you are up, wayne? >> you mentioned it early. smith and wesson. it is trading that less than ten times earnings and buying back their own stock. it is a heck of a buy. >> i like that call, wayne. johnathon you are up. >> you think big. i am thinking small. market are a all- time highway. fdm is the micro. that is smaller tock and you don't have one specific. >> you have been hot and stay hot. >> that's it for theost of the freedom block. before we go, president o on a pace it break a record this year. his own record. the golfer and chief will blow past his record for american presidents that he set in 211
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at 34 rnds of golf. he might hit the big 50. and remember our show motto. we workhard and pay our taxes and they are >> tom: it used to be when politians were caught in a sex scandal they went away but something has changed this year. is there no shame anymore? why are voters okay with it? we're talking about voters dismissing sex scandals right here, right now. >> tom: thanks for joining us. here at the top of the stack. mark sanford won a seat for congress and elliott spitzer and weiner is leading in his quest to be mayor and spitzer is ahead for his desire to b


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